About Pryde

Our Mission

To connect the 3D-internet to the flat-internet
and make all VR social.

VR is best when you're sharing it with others. Browsing the internet is okay, but engaging with friends and others is what made it part of our daily lives.

VR is the birth of the 3D internet, and just like the flat-internet, social connection is going to drive adoption (and sales).

The HMD should not be the barrier between people who understand VR and those who don't. We think everyone should be part of a common-conversation about VR's present and potential.

Pryde is trying to make sharing VR as easy, common, personal, and understandable as sharing a selfie is today.

Our Team

Henry Keyser


Focused on the intersection of tech and empathy.

Professional storyteller, user researcher and product manager.

MSJ - Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Northwestern University

Chen Chen


Focused on the advancement of the 3D internet.

Expert in computer graphics, game engines and AI.

PhD candidate - Biomedical Engineering
Northwestern University

Company Advisors