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Pryde Virtual Avatar Platform

Become a citizen of the 3D internet: a personal, recognizable avatar that streams directly into VR/AR apps and 3D games

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$10 for avatar. $20 pioneers get lifetime early-access to new features!

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First avatars stream in 2018
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Coming together as people in VR takes the support of early-adopters like you.

Easy & Realistic

Instead of being locked into sliders, your avatar is based on a quick selfie, and then completed and ready for virtual use in just minutes.

Anyone you share VR with can recognize you for you.

One avatar to rule them all

Once saved, your avatar is standardized to stream into your favorite 3D games and work predictably for developers.

And each avatar is cloud hosted so you can see your friends when you play together!

A Secure You

You don't want someone pretending to be you. We don't want that either.

Pryde avatars will use continually updating security measures to make sure only you can call upon your avatar.

An avatar that evolves with you

We change. The world changes. No one should be stuck with a poor reflection of who they are today.

You'll be able to keep your avatar up to date with who you are, and the growing possibilities of avatar technology.

Backers of $10 or more

Welcome, Citizen.

You'll receive an avatar, and access to the PrydeVR community.

Backers of $20 or more

Pioneers move first.

You'll get early access to new Pryde features for the lifetime of the company.

Backers of $50 or more

Hello, Navigator.

A 15-minute video conference, quarterly Q & A and invite to Pryde Discord voice channels.

Backers of $200 or more

Patrons of the future.

In-person avatar testing, direct access to leadership, and invitation to quarterly dev meeting.

*In-person testing must work around scheduling.
Offer only guaranteed to U.S. destinations; contact to discuss international travel options.

First avatars stream in 2018

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